Produced by Peter Case

Recorded and mixed by Sheldon Gomberg at The Carriage House (Silver Lake, CA)
Additional engineering by Jason Gossman and Larry Fergusson
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt at Joe Gastwirt Mastering

Bob Hillman: acoustic guitar, vocals
Joseph Arthur: loops, electric guitar, acoustic slide guitar (7), piano (4)
Jonathan Flaugher: electric bass, double bass (6, 10, 12)
Danny Frankel: drums, percussion
Danny McGough: keyboards
Mike Fortunato: trumpet
Mark Lennon: harmony (1, 3, 11)
Kipp Lennon: harmony (1, 3, 11)
Cindy Wasserman: harmony (2, 6, 7)
Peter Case: harmony (8)

Cover image by Sanford Biggers © 2015 All Rights Reserved
Design by Sara Scanlan/Introduction Design

All songs by Bob Hillman ©2015 Lap Cat Music (ASCAP)

I Think I’ve Taken Enough Shit From You This Year // Lost Soul
  1. I Think I’ve Taken Enough Shit From You This Year // Lost Soul
  2. You Started Drinking Again // Lost Soul
  3. Bad Business // Lost Soul
  4. Artificial Light // Lost Soul
  5. Saint Catherine Street // Lost Soul
  6. Alison’s Part of the Equation // Lost Soul
  7. Lost Soul // Lost Soul
  8. I’ll Replace You With Machines // Lost Soul
  9. Overnight Failure // Lost Soul
  10. Big Sur // Lost Soul
  11. Party Dress // Lost Soul
  12. War of Independence // Lost Soul