Personal History

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Precocious Concertgoer

I was a precocious concertgoer, beginning with Shawn Cassidy at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in 1978. Like many third graders, I was bowled... Read More
January 2019
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2018 in Review

I want my second act to be about the creative process: more art, less commerce. Not that my “art” has ever generated much in the... Read More
December 2018

How I Started and Why I Stopped

In 2003, I traded the life of a touring musician for that of an MBA candidate. The transition was abrupt: I toured California with Suzanne... Read More
November 2018
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European Tour (Part 1)

In early 2002, Suzanne Vega and Glynn Wood – her front-of-house engineer and tour manager during the Songs in Red & Gray era – invited me on... Read More
July 2018

The Bottom Line

My first apartment in New York was at the corner of Bleecker St. and MacDougal St. That was the epicenter of folk music in the... Read More
November 2017
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Deadhead Phase

I heard the studio version of Uncle John’s Band in Mike Lowe’s car on the way home from high school during my sophomore year. Mike,... Read More
October 2017
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Local Gigs

And He said, “Truly I say to you, no prophet is welcome in his hometown.” -Luke 4:24 Performing in one’s hometown is harder than you... Read More
September 2017

Opening Act

I toured all over the U.S. and Europe in the late 90s/early 00s, but never progressed beyond opening act. It would have been nice to... Read More
August 2017
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Ensenada (The Song)

Sometime in the summer of 1991 – between my junior and senior years of college – I joined a group of friends on a quick trip... Read More
May 2017
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The Slippery Disc

In 4th or 5th grade, my grandmother gave me a small drum kit, and I started lessons at the Slippery Disc in Pacific Palisades, CA. Soon,... Read More
January 2017
Saint Catherine Street // Lost Soul
  1. Saint Catherine Street // Lost Soul
  2. I’ll Replace You With Machines // Lost Soul
  3. I Think I’ve Taken Enough Shit From You This Year // Lost Soul
  4. Alison’s Part of the Equation // Lost Soul
  5. Party Dress // Lost Soul
  6. Overnight Failure // Lost Soul
  7. You Started Drinking Again // Lost Soul
  8. Artificial Light // Lost Soul
  9. Bad Business // Lost Soul
  10. Big Sur // Lost Soul
  11. Lost Soul // Lost Soul
  12. War of Independence // Lost Soul