Shortcode_Lightbox & Frames

Shortcode Usage

Lightbox and Frames

Normal Style, Link To URL
Border Style, Open image With Lightbox
Solid Style, Open Video With Lightbox
Rounded Corner, Open image With Lightbox
Get the code

[gdlr_frame type="normal" align="left" caption="Normal Style, Link To URL"] [gdlr_image_link type="url" image_url="" alt=" " link_url="" target="_blank" width="290px"][/gdlr_frame]
[gdlr_frame type="border" align="left" caption="Border Style, Open image With Lightbox"] [gdlr_image_link type="image" image_url="" alt=" " link_url="" target="_blank" width="276px"][/gdlr_frame]
[gdlr_frame type="solid" align="left" caption="Solid Style, Open Video With Lightbox" background_color="#74c6de"] [gdlr_image_link type="video" image_url="" alt=" " link_url="" width="280px"][/gdlr_frame]
[gdlr_frame type="rounded" align="left" caption="Rounded Corner, Open image With Lightbox"] [gdlr_image_link type="image" image_url="" link_url="" alt=" " width="290px"]

How About Circle Frame?

Get the code

[gdlr_frame type="circle border" background="#74c6de" align="center"] [gdlr_image_link type="image" image_url="" alt=" " link_url="" target="_blank" width="350px"][/gdlr_frame]

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