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Big Sur

On Monday, Popdose premiered “Big Sur,” the third track from Lost Soul, which comes out on Friday, March 25th. They said a couple of nice things, including: “The... Read More
February 2016
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Huffington Post Interview

A Conversation with Bob Hillman Huffington Post 11.6.2015 Mike Ragogna: Bob, your new album Lost Soul was produced by Peter Case. How did this come... Read More
November 2015

B-A-D Review

I opened for Suzanne Vega at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco on Saturday, March 24th, 2001. The Fillmore holds 1,200 people, which was more than... Read More
October 2015
Big Sur // Lost Soul
  1. Big Sur // Lost Soul
  2. Overnight Failure // Lost Soul
  3. Party Dress // Lost Soul
  4. Alison’s Part of the Equation // Lost Soul
  5. I’ll Replace You With Machines // Lost Soul
  6. Lost Soul // Lost Soul
  7. Bad Business // Lost Soul
  8. Artificial Light // Lost Soul
  9. War of Independence // Lost Soul
  10. I Think I’ve Taken Enough Shit From You This Year // Lost Soul
  11. Saint Catherine Street // Lost Soul
  12. You Started Drinking Again // Lost Soul